As ThorIX is still under "construction" and its organisational structure being chosen there is no concrete policy for members and traffic yet. Here we have outlined a basic policy that will be amended in the coming months:

  1. ThorIX is a tunnel-free internet exchange point. Members may not join using non-physical connections and members may not extend the IX's VLAN over a tunnel or otherwise direct IX traffic in/our via connections relying on tunneling technology as this defeats the purpose of peering.
  2. Members must upgrade/offload their ports if they reach a 80% consistent utilisation. There is no specified timeframe for this but generally if you are seeing 80+% utilisation of your port for an extended period of time (e.g. 24h), you should upgrade.
  3. Members are responsible for arranging for cross-connect and providing transceivers for conencting to the IX.
  4. Members must maintain an up-to-date and accurate PeeringDB entry for every network connected.
  5. Members must maintain an accurate RPSL routing policy in an authenticated IRR database. We may make exceptions where needed, just ask!
  6. Commercial IP transit and other similar services may not be delivered over the exchange. The exchange grants IP transit providers permission to deliver a maximum of 1Gbps of IP transit to another member over the exchange if the service is provided free of charge (hobby network rule).
  7. Members may not use two ports on the VLAN to connect between their own networks. Since the peering LAN will connect multiple facilities over relatively expensive L2 connectivity it is required that all exchange traffic be across different networks.
    An example of prohibited behaviour according to this rule could be a member extending their own network to a different facility from their hub over the exchange LAN, effectively having "free" L2.

IPv4/IPv6 VLAN ranges

ThorIX currently uses the two following IP address ranges for the IX VLAN with members being allocated one IP address (/32 IPv4, /128 IPv6) per IP version per port:

Please note that the IPv4 range is temporarily a CGNAT range. This is done because there are no known Icelandic networks utilising CGNAT and therefore using its address space for allocations should not be a problem in the short-term. This range will later be replaced with a more reasonable PI IXP allocation from RIPE which we are actively working towards acquiring.

Nedless to say, neither of these ranges should ever appear in DFZ. If you encounter a leak of this range anywhere please contact ASAP or call +354 784 0020.