Join ThorIX

If this project sounds at all remotely interesting to you we encourage you to join us! We are by no means experts at what we are setting up here and will appreciate any help. Whether you can contribute connectvity, hardware, assistance, experience, or any other resources to this project or not we will always appreciate having more people on board with this.

Shortly we will be setting up a mailing list for this project as well as some social media channels (we hear Telegram and Discord are popular amongst networking people these days!), but if you'd like to show your interest in the meanwhile you can send an email to Kjartan Hrafnkelsson <>, who is the main organiser from Northlayer of this project, and share your interest.

For now, ports will be completely free as long as they last. All you must do as a network hoping to participate is arrange for cross-connect and provide a transceiver. We don't have many concrete rules while in these beginning stages so feel free to email us and ask away!

This page will be updated with proper policies and other content pertaining to IX membership by end of Q1 2023, as we figure out the organisational structure of the exchange.