ThorIX members

Here is a list of the ThorIX members that will be connected to the exchange on initial launch. Notice the route servers, for which use private ASNs for the time being as we await registration of the IX as a nonprofit organisation (to uphold the organisation structure and hold votes in a legal way that's easy on everyone) and receive an AS number for routeservers.

Member ASN Port speed IPv4 IPv6 Rate-limit? Peering policy
ThorIX RS 1 AS207295 1G 2a07:54c0::1/64 -- Open
ThorIX RS 2 AS207295 1G 2a07:54c0::2/64 -- Open
Northlayer ehf AS59788 10G 2a07:54c0::3/64 -- Open
Northlayer ehf AS59788 10G 2a07:54c0::4/64 -- Open
Kjartan Hrafnkelsson AS51019 1G 2a07:54c0::5/64 -- Open
Northlayer ehf (office) AS213239 1G 2a07:54c0::6/64 -- Selective

Please note that because we are awaiting receiving an IX allocation from RIPE IPv4 is currently done using CGNAT IPv4 space. CGNAT generally should not cause issues in Iceland as there are no operators known to use it but we still understand that it is best practice to have a real IXP allocation.